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A Few Words from Dr. Pompa

Hello, I'm Dr. Daniel Pompa and my mission has been restoring lives by reigniting the amazing healing potential of the human body.

I was very sick and had no idea why. Even the best doctors couldn’t help me. Even the most advanced and thorough testing did not reveal what was wrong with me.

I assure you I searched for answers as if my life depended on it…and it did. My paradigm was to look for the cause of a condition and not simply treat symptoms. I understood there was always a reason.

Finding that reason became my obsession. And once I understood the cause and the right way to address it, I became as determined to share my knowledge as I was in pursuit of it.

My goal is to be your LAST STOP!


After years of helping people and coaching doctors around the world, I have identified three causative factors in most illnesses seen today. Most people have only addressed one or two of the 'legs' and this is why they STILL are not well.

Once the causative factors are found, NOW it is time to detox. But, removing it at the cellular level is where TRUE detox begins and ends!



I often hear “I have done detox.” The truth is, what most are doing is too far downstream to have a lasting effect.

Think about a three-legged stool: if one leg is missing, it cannot stand. If you miss even one upstream cause, you will never get well!

Putting it all together is what I call a multi-therapeutic approach. It is the key to what I teach to doctors and people looking to get their lives back.

The protocol is very specific for everyone. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach as the chelators, the doses, the detox support and even the length of the detox cycles are very different for everyone.

We all have done things that help for some time but when you get to the REAL cause(s) at the cellular level and learn the process to do it long enough to matter; THIS IS WHAT REALLY WORKS.

Since overcoming my own illness, I have dedicated my life to teaching this to people like yourself who are looking for real answers. There is an epidemic of people suffering and I am passionate to bring answers to this hurting world.

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